Transgender Awareness Week

Focus on the Lincoln School of Architecture and the Built Environment

Dr Zakkiya Khan (they/them)
EDI Lead: Lincoln School of Architecture and the Built Environment

This week, we unite to celebrate Transgender Awareness Week, fostering a culture of inclusion, respect, and understanding. As the chair of the LSABE EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) committee, I would like to share resources that aim to enrich our collective knowledge and empower us to create a more inclusive environment within the field of architecture and the built environment.

1. Awareness:

📚 Why Transgender Awareness Matters

In recognising Transgender Week of Awareness, it is crucial to understand who are transgender individuals and what are some of the challenges faced by transgender individuals? Explore resources that shed light on the importance of awareness and education in creating a supportive community.

[Transgender Awareness]

2. Design and Space Inclusion

🏠 Inclusive Design: Shaping Spaces for All Genders

Architects wield immense influence in shaping the world around us. Delve into the principles of inclusive design and the transformative impact it can have on creating spaces that celebrate gender diversity. Let’s explore how our designs can be a catalyst for positive change.

Take a look at this guidelines document on trans-inclusive design for museums, galleries, archives and heritage organisations:

[Trans Inclusive Design]

3. Space and Gender

🌐 Rethinking Spaces: Exploring Gender-Inclusive Environments

Spaces and gender are intricately connected. Discover how the design of spaces can influence and impact our perceptions of gender. Let’s engage in a conversation about challenging environments to resonate with diverse gender identities.

[Challenging Architecture]

[Unbuilding Gender]

4. Design that Makes a Difference:

✨ Architectural Activism: Designing for Social Change

Architecture has the power to be a force for social change and healing. Explore the works of designers who use their craft to address societal issues, including those related to gender diversity. Let’s be inspired to make a difference through our designs.

[Supporting trans designers]

[Design for dysphoria]

5. Gender Diverse Designers

👩‍🎨 Spotlight on Gender Diverse Designers

Celebrate the contributions of gender-diverse designers who have left a mark on the world of architecture and design. Their stories inspire us to embrace diversity and cultivate an environment where every voice is heard.

[Perspectives of Gender Diverse Designers]

[Interior designers addressing inequality]

This week, let’s embrace the opportunity to deepen our understanding, challenge assumptions, and cultivate a culture of empathy and acceptance. By integrating these resources into our collective knowledge, we can contribute to making the Lincoln School of Architecture and the Built Environment a place of inclusivity.

Together, let’s build a future where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.