GCW Library Contributes to History Day 2020

Library staff are participating in History Day 2020, a set of interactive events which allow students, researchers, and lovers of history to explore archival, museum, and library collections that tell us more about the past. Our contribution takes the form of two blog posts–links and more details below!

MS 95 f.6v – a fragment of a 15th century antiphoner (a book of the responses sung at different parts of a Catholic church service. The manuscript was subsequently used to cover other manuscripts)

In ‘Silencing the Music‘, Special Collections Librarian Claire Arrand and music librarian Hope Williard reflect on the delay coronavirus has caused for a joint research project with two undergraduate students, Valerie Arinda and Megan Lomas. Our project, ‘Distant Music: Uncovering the Music of Lincoln Cathedral Library’, will involve investigating Lincoln Cathedral’s incompletely catalogued manuscript and printed sacred music. Due to the pandemic, and the impossibility of conducting socially distanced or online research, the project has been put on hold, but we hope you enjoy reading about it, and getting a sneak peek at some of the cathedral’s musical treasures.

A stone building with a large ground floor bay window
Visitor Centre, Lincoln Cathedral

In Minster Yard Project, Claire Arrand provides a fascinating overview of the history behind Lincoln Cathedral’s new visitor’s centre. Due to open in Spring 2021, the new Vistors’ Centre will feature an interactive map of the Cathedral Close detailing properties owned by the Cathedral, information about their occupants and interesting snippets gleaned from various documentary sources. Enjoy this peek behind the scenes at the fascinating history of a beautiful part of the city of Lincoln!

And finally, do make sure to check out the range of online events, blog posts, podcasts and more on 19 November, History Day 2020.