‘Book Arts’ – practice and resources

Selection of 'book art'

The University of Lincoln Library currently has a display on ‘Book Arts’ curated by Jantze Holmes, Technician in the College of Arts.

‘Book Arts’ is a term to describe the practice of making books (usually) by hand, using a wide range of techniques and materials, often (but not always) based on the traditions of bookbinding.

Books can be made by anyone and in its simplest form, a book can be made from a single sheet of paper which is folded to make pages or leaves.

Students in the College of Arts have access to a ‘Book Arts’ space where they can learn how to make a variety of books using traditional materials and tools.

The Library has a good selection of books about how to design and make your own books.

For further inspiration take a look at Bookbinding out of the box website. 

There is also a reading list of relevant materials containing books in the Library and online resources.